The Coach Training Program in English in Stockholm

The Coach Training Program (ACC) is an advanced ICF-accredited program for individuals who want to work professionally as a coach or use a coaching approach in their work. In addition to 8 training days, you get 6 sessions with an individual coach as well as 8 hours mentor coaching in a group. You get all you need (except your practice hours) to apply for certification with ICF.

The program is suitable if you want to work with change in a dynamic way!

Coachutbildning Sverige AB trains professional coaches. The attendees in our programs work as e.g. managers, HR-specialists, consultants, entrepreneurs, as employed or self-employed. They all have that in common that they are dedicated to making people grow, develop and make change happen.

The content of the training is based on the ICF Core Competencies. The training gives you all you need, except your own practice, to become an Associate Certified Coach by ICF. This includes 60 hours of training as well as mentor coaching. After the training you can work as a professional coach locally in Sweden or internationally, you can work as self-employed or as an employee.


The course is based on ICF’s Core Competencies. Each coaching core competency begins with experienced-based group exercises, followed by a shorter theoretical session. The theoretical sessions and group exercises are concluded by participants coaching each other and doing exercises. The participants will be given assignments and acquire clients on their own to coach.


The course includes 8 days over the period of 4 months. Individual coaching and group mentor coaching will take place within 12 months from the start of your program.

More about The Coach Training Program in English in Stockholm

Day 1-2

The focus for day 1-3 is learning the basic coaching core competencies active listening and powerful questioning. Creating a confident and stimulating relationship that inspires establishing trust and intimacy between the coach and the client, is very much built on the coach’s own personal development.

As many people today have a lot of experience in running and working projects, we expect quick progress in the project-related coaching core competencies planning and goal setting and managing progress and accountability.

Day 3-4

Two new coaching core competencies, meeting ethical guidelines and professional standards and establishing the coaching agreement. Both core competencies are aimed at clearly defining the situations where coaching is suitable to use as a tool.

The active listening competency deal with identifying driving forces, feelings and experiences that are the root to the words we express, and for designing actions we use the identified driving forces to design the actions that the client is capable of implementing.

In direct communication the coach increases his/her awareness on the actual process and selects the method that gives the best results in the given situation. Managing progress and accountability builds on direct communication giving the client the strength to assume control over his/her life and own success.

Day 5-6

Day 5-6 we train the competencies coaching presence and creating awareness. Coaching presence is about being able to being open, flexible and confident enough to relinquish control of the coaching process. Creating awareness is about helping clients to understand themselves and to facilitate change and learning.
We refine the coaching core competencies powerful questioning, designing actions, planning and goal setting, ensuring that the client can execute the right actions in a simple and light-hearted way.
Day 5-6 you will receive a lot of models and tools to do together with your clients.

Day 7 – 8 – Fine tuning and Diplomas

We spend these three days refining the coaching core competencies ahead of the actual certification. Course participants will already have been asked to assess their own competencies in relation to the training objectives. The course managers will also have evaluated the competencies of the participants.

Our courses take place at Kungsgatan 8 in central Stockholm and via Zoom.

One month prior the start of the course you will receive a welcome letter via email with the details you need: detailed directions, teachers e-mail and schedule.

Please find terms and registration here.

Dates 2024-2025

Id: 2411ENG
Training Day 1-3: November 6-8 in Stockholm
Training Day 4: December 6* via Zoom
Training Day 5: January 28* via Zoom
Training Day 6-8: March 26-28* in Stockholm

* A total of 4,5 hours of mentor coaching in group is included the days marked with *. In total you will receive the 10 hours of mentor coaching you need for certification with ICF.

Mentor Coaching via Zoom
February 19th 10.00-12.00
March 11th 10.00-12.00

Individual coaching is included in the training.
You and your individual coach will agree on dates and times for the six individual sessions.


The fee for the program is 44 500 SEK excluding VAT.

The fee includes: 64 hours of training, textbook Becoming a Coach and other training-materials, 6 coaching sessions with your own individual coach (2 times 45 minutes regular coaching, 4 times 45 minutes mentor coaching) via phone plus 8 hours of group mentor coaching. Diploma and coffee is included. All mentor coaching you need to become certified with ICF is included!

Please find terms and registration here.

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