Congratulations Fredrik!

jun 21, 2023

Today we are proud and happy to congratulate Fredrik Eng who is now an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC)!

Fredrik says:

”My name is Fredrik Eng and I work with leadership development as an internal coach at DICE, a company within Electronic Arts making interactive entertainment, i.e. video games. For me, it has been a gradual transition from starting out professionally as an architect over twenty years ago, via managing people, to now focusing full time on helping other leaders be the best versions of themselves for their teams. As my own core values are very much focused on helping other people and promoting the many benefits of working together, this has been a very smooth transition.

As a step in that process the coach training at Coachutbildning Sverige has been a great way to consolidate and build on my previous skill set. It also works as a platform of alignment for me and the other coaches going forward. The ACC certification will help me feel more confident in the services I provide and can also work to assure the leaders I work with that they are receiving the gold standard in coaching.”

Photo: Pauline Barneaud

Fredrik Eng